The April 27th 5 Across event was yet another success (see The 5 pitches were:

• Kyle Thomas presented the “FirmNexus”, which is a cloud-based web service for the legal industry. FirmNexus is designed to save law firms money and time by assisting in the matter management process.
• Shawn Campbell pitched iJonze, which is a real time, location based, on demand advertising/get the word out engine. iJonze provides businesses with the latest in technology to help them drive customers to there location and give them a very inexpensive way to do so. For the end user, it provides free web and mobile apps that allow you to find out what is actively happening in your area.
• PJ Targun and Gareth Penner pitched, which is a website that would promote bars located near college campuses. The site would be free for people to use and very user friendly. Every bar will have their own personal profile which would include a calendar for specials/events for the month, location, hours, bar type, phone number, food options, size, features, a wall with people to comment on, pictures, and more.
• David Hayden presented Tabla, which is an ergonomic input and gaming device. Tabla will make computing a joy instead of a pain. It will also be customizable, putting control in the hands of the human. Tabla will also be a tremendous help for people with disabilities and will help relieve and prevent carpel tunnel and muscular skeletal disorders.
• Rachel Elam, Breanne Wilson, Lindsay Buckley, and Celeste Rupp pitched Double The Fun, which is specialized babysitting services with educational activities.They feel that it is safer to have two babysitters instead of one. For example, one person could be cooking dinner while the other is watching the children and teaching them one of our educational activities.

The winner decided by the judges was Shawn Campbell with “iJonze”. Congratulations Shawn! The audience winner (decided via text message) was Double The Fun. Congratulations, Rachel, Breanne, Lindsay, and Celeste. You did a great job.

All the pitches were great! We’re sure the judges had a hard time making their decision. Thanks to everyone who came out in support of this event. We were happy to see you and hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. If you missed the event, you can see videos of the pitches at We hope to see you at the June 22th event!

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